Travellers Health Insurance


 Bellow is Benefits of IRHA(IRAN HEALTH ASSISTANCE) insurance that design for trip to Iran:

a. Medical transfer: Should the insured suffer bodily injuries caused by an accident ,unexpected disease or mandatory quarantine during the term of this contract ,Bimeh Iran shall arrange and pay for the services as follows:

 1- Admission of insured to the nearest hospital.

 2-Transfer of insured to a more suitable hospital compatible with the nature of the disease or inflicted injuries by necessary and accessible means such as land or air ambulances or planes (according to the available flight schedule, if medically needed).

b. Disbursement of treatment expenses: Up to €10000  (or its equivalent in Iranian Rials) for each case of loss during the coverage period.

 1- Medical expenses which includes insured’s surgical expenses.

2- Medical emergency expenses which includes initial physician visit, imaging services and laboratory expenses, physiotherapy expenses ,medical transferring to related medical centres caused by incidents such as vehicle accidents.

3- Medical expense caused by poisoning such as food poisoning .

Franchise: € 25 (or its equivalent in Iranian Rials ) in each case of lose, excluding the cases related to the insured’s bodily injury or hospitalization for a duration of at least 24 hours.

Bimeh Iran commits itself to pay expenses concerning medical emergency cases, food poisoning , medical treatment in hospitals and surgeries undergone by the insured or his/her agent in emergency cases caused by bodily injuries or spontaneous diseases on the basis of medical certification. this commitment does not include any kind of prosthesis . However, such payments shall continue as long as the health conditions of the insured are ascertained suitable for repatriation to his respective country by his Iranian medical team as well as the certified physician of Bimeh Iran.

c. In the event of medical emergencies: Bimeh Iran shall provide the insured with the required information, such details of the relevant hospitals, restricted surgery clinics and other specialized centres for patients and injured along with the necessary recommendations. such information shall not include diagnostic and check up centres.

d. Repatriation of corpse: In the event of insured decease Bimeh Iran commits itself to take all the requisite measure and pay for the due costs of the preparatory action and procurement of coffin for subsequent transfer of the corpse to the nearest airport to the designated burial site in the insured’s respective country. However this policy shall not cover the funeral and burial costs.

e. Repatriation of unaccompanied minors: Should the insured be unable to undertake the custody of a minor under 15 years of age accompanied him/her at the time of incident, due to his/her medical transfer or repatriation of his/her corps, Bimeh Iran shall take the necessary measured to secure repatriation of the concerned minor to his/her respective country.

f. Juridical comradeship: Presenting necessary guides, penal, civil law and Juridical Comradeship due to vehicle accidents during his/her stays in Iran up to 250 euro equivalent in I.R.I Rials.

g. Loss of Travel Documents: In the case of loss of important travel documents, such as passport, visa stickers, airline tickets… Bimeh Iran will provide insured person with necessary advice in order to supersede mentioned documents.

h. undertake Attendants Travel to Iran from country of origin in an emergency: In the case insured is hospitalized more than 10 days because of illness or accident which is under the coverage of this insurance, Bimeh Iran would pay for travel costs of one of his next of kin from country of origin to Iran (transportation costs to the place in which insured is hospitalized).


The latest prices are as below:


Under 12




Over 80s

Duration of Coverage

1-7 Days






8-15 Days






16-31 Days






32-45 Days






46-62 Days






63-92 Days






6 Months






1 Year